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Item Status

The time it takes to ship and receive your items varies by popularity, system availability, holiday schedules, and weather.

Most items talk roughly a week to ship from the time ordered to the time they arrive at the library.

  • Popular items, such as new books and recently released movies, can take much longer to receive.

  • Rare items, ones that only have one or two copies within the system, have a tendency to take a bit longer to ship and arrive.

  • Weather will often delay items by the number of days that the extreme weather occurs. (Ex: If a snowstorm lasts two days, item delivery will likely delay for two days.)

  • Holiday schedules work roughly the same as weather. If a federal holiday falls on the week of your delivery, your item will be delayed an extra day.

A best practice is to check the status of the item on your SHARE account. If you would like more information about your item, you are always encouraged to contact the library. We will do our best to help you estimate the time it will take for your items to arrive.

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