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Our Collections

General Information


Available Materials:

- Books

- Large Print

- Anime

- Manga

- Comics & Graphic novels

- DVDs

- Blu-ray

- CDs

- Audiobooks

- Video Games

- phonics kits

- puppets & stuffed animals

- board games

- role playing dice

- cake pans

...and so much more!

- Get a Library Card (link)

- Library Card for non-residents

- computer use

-proctoring exams: Free

- fines

- printing



- faxing

- lamination

- meeting room


How do I log into online services?

  • what is my barcode?

  • what is my pin?


Fines & Fees


Renewals & Returns


Our History

Doyle Public Library was originally known as The Lincolnwood Community Reading Center and the very first meeting of the board took place on November 17th, 1973.

The grand opening date for the  was January 12th, 1974, and the original building was located at 310 Broad Street in Raymond in a building rented from Maureen Loeber. The original opening date had been set at January 7th, but was postponed due to a snowstorm.


Our Mission

   The mission of the Doyle Public Library is to provide educational, informational, cultural, and recreational resources and services to all ages of people in the Doyle Public Library district. The library will provide access to the universe of information, and especially that information which is of immediate relevance and interest to the community it serves.

     The library seeks to accomplish its mission through prudent management and development of its resources, and by providing access to materials and services to meet the present and future needs of the community it serves.

     In this effort, the Doyle Public Library cooperates with other libraries, and with other educational, and governmental institutions. Special emphasis is placed on current popular materials. The library serves as a learning center and educational center for all residents of Raymond and Harvel.

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