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Our History

Doyle Public Library was originally known as The Lincolnwood Community Reading Center and the very first meeting of the board too place on November 17th, 1973.

The grand opening date for the  was January 12th, 1974, and the original building was located at 310 Broad Street in Raymond in a building rented from Maureen Loeber. The original opening date had been set at January 7th, but was postponed due to a snowstorm.

The reading center was operated on a volunteer basis and within the first week a total of 242 books were checked out.

To commemorate Library week, the Reading Center held an Arts, Books, and Crafts fair that stayed in the library tradition for many years to follow.

The first children's reading program was held on Tuesday Mornings, at 10:00 AM with a total of thirty children enrolled.

In the year 1976, it was decided that a poster contest would be held to promote the library's ABC Fair.

That winter, Santa also visited the library.

In 1978, Rita Todt began as the reading center's first paid librarian. A flag, and commemoration plaque were purchased in honor of her in 1982, and is still on display in the library today.

In 1979, the library was the sponsor for a community cook book. (Many community cookbooks can now be found in the genealogy section of the present day library.)

In 1980, Reverend Charles Williams resigned from the reading board. He was the guiding force behind the formation of the reading center.

In 1981, the ABC reading Fair was so large, a new space had to be rented to hold the event.

In 1982 Mrs. Verda Boehler was hired on as the new librarian.

In 1987, after Frank Doyle, editor and owner of the Raymond News, donated his house to the reading center, it was decided that his home would be used for the new library space. On March 28th, 1987, the books were relocated to the new building. After the decision to rename the library to Doyle Memorial Reading Center was made.

That summer a total of 100 children were enrolled in the summer reading program.

-History Compiled by Dorothy Peters

For more information, and a complete history of the Reading Center, please visit Doyle Public Library.

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