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Meet the Staff


As US Army Active Duty Veteran, earning the Humanitarian Service Medal and 3 Army Commendation Medals, Deb understands the importance of attention-to-detail, service and sacrifice for our country and our communities. 

Bringing more than 20 years of television and multimedia management experience with a Masters Degree in Education specializing in human services management, and additional 15 years as professor of educational technologies with Doctoral Degree in Management and Administration, specializing in digital and electronic communication and education, Deb encourages young people to realize their dreams through knowledge, hands-on approaches, research, and reading. 

Deborah's background includes hosting a live television interview show broadcast throughout Europe during the 1980s, hanging from helicopters shooting videotape (without a harnass!), publishing 4-color press magazines on management best practices, and earning The Emmy for writing and production of a television documentary about Vietnam POWs.

"I am open to new ideas and new methods.  I encourage you to stop by for a chat, if you would like to help contribute to our innovations and initiatives at Doyle Library." 



Our staff is focused on, and dedicated to providing the best service possible to Raymond and Harvel area residents, students and teachers of the Panhandle School District, and individuals and businesses working and contributing to our Raymond Community economy.  Stop in and say hi!  Check out all the new ways we can provide you with the resources, information, books, audiobooks, DVDs and e-books that you want or need.  We look forward to meeting with you soon!