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Doyle Library is dedicated to the success and happiness of our patrons and the residents of our library district.  We are designating a portion of our meeting rooms for Career Resources. 

We are continually expanding our offerings in regard to career advice, scholarships, training and employment resources.  If you are looking for a specific title or subject, please let one of our librarians know about what you may need.

Announcing… the Doyle Public Library

Career Center

We offer:

            --Resources to Checkout

                        Using the Illinois Heartland Library System and Share, we can have additional titles delivered to our library every day to provide you with the most current books, references, CDs and tutorials to assist you in pursuing your next job

                        We are adding additional titles, books, authors and other resources to our collections and welcome your input and suggestions for updating our resources

          --A Place to Connect

                        Career Night--Bringing in employment specialists, educators and employers, Doyle Public Library provides numerous opportunities for you to find the people and information you need to pursue your next job

                        Information and Resources Designed for You—In addition to providing computers, WiFi, printing, faxing, and scanning capabilities, our team of librarians is dedicated to helping you find and use the resources and information you need to find your next job

                        One-On-One Lessons and Tutorials—Basic, intermediate and advance computer skills are offered by our team of librarians to assist you in creating, uploading, publishing and delivering your resume and cover letter application materials in an online or print environment.  Just ask a Librarian!

                        Meeting Room—The Doyle Library meeting room provides you with opportunities for meeting with employers or consultants in a business environment


The Limitless Learners Contest is now open!  Six $500 awards will be given out to students with an additional $1,000 to their public library, for students who are enrolled in kindergarten to 5th Grade as of the 2019-2020 school year. 

To learn how to qualify for the free grant funds, go to https://www.education.com/contests/ 

The deadline to apply for the grants is October 31, 2019.


Jobs for Teens--

The 8 Most Difficult Interview Questions – And How To Answer Them  

Jobs for Teens HQ-- Jobs, Resumes and Interview Tips for Teens

Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Interview

Students who are looking for educational scholarships will find these resource links helpful and informative:  Good Call,  The Student Loan Report and Guide to Paying for College

Looking to stop smoking?  Check out these websites for great ideas and techniques:  American Cancer Society, Quit Smoking Community, and QuitDay


Local Area Community Resource Links

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois

Cub Scouts Raymond, Illinois

4H Club of Montgomery County

Panhandle School District

Panhandle Food Pantry


General Resource Links that you may find helpful and informative:

Ultimate Guide to Passing Any Interview

Jobs for Teens HQ

Merriam-Webster Online

United Nations

Flags of the World


Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology

Gettysburg Address

Civil War Maps

Presidential Powers


Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

U.S. History

American Civil War Home Page

United States Civil War

CIA World Factbook

American Memory

U.S. National Archives and Records

Mr. Dowling's History Passport

Math Reference tables

Ask Dr. Math

Reference Desk

The Why files

Science News for Kids

Exploration Science Museum

Hands on Crafts

Origami That's fun and Easy

Library of Congress

Internet Public Library

Weather Channel

U.S. Mint



Abraham Llincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Art History

Piano Lessons

World War II History

Good Reads

Panhandle CUSD #2


The Student Loan Report

Guide to Paying for College

College Board

College Board Testing

Federal Student Aid

Career Key

U.S. Department of Labor

How to Keep Your Business Afloat