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Doyle Public Library is increasing its community services and bringing student, adult and family literacy programs to the distirct.  We are looking forward to hearing about your needs and interests, as we pursue grants and further development of programs to help promote literacy, higher levels of employment, and more community engagement with you and your families.

In considering how to address the specific literacy needs of our target audiences, the library director has developed partnerships with teachers at the school, local business and non-profit organizations, as well as, successfully applying for grants to purchase books and presentation technology, including a large screen television for delivering presentations, lessons and tutorials.

Our partnering with local businesses and organizations will assist us in identifying families and older individuals who will benefit from our access to resources within the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) system and resources we purchase with grants that we have successfully competed to receive.

By identifying and beginning to track the students directly at the school, library staff will be able to continue each student’s leveled literacy intervention progress using the same Fountas and Pinnell (F&P) ratings employed by the schools to assist in advancing each student as he or she continues to progress throughout the STEAM Summer Reading Program held each week at the library.  Families will be identified and provided with individual or group tutorials.  

Please feel free to contact us to set up a specific appointment to discuss how Doyle Public Library District, its staff and volunteers can assist you, your organization, and your family's specific literacy needs.